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I’ve been keen on riding bikes since I discovered what a good way to unwind getting out in the fresh air was during my GCSEs. I’ve been hooked ever since. Not only is it a good way to get out and unwind, it’s also a great method of transport for short trips.

As a hobby it was a perfect combination of aspects. Not only could I get out in the fresh air without worrying too much about who else was available, it was a great way to explore the countryside and see more than I otherwise would, it’s also got a strong mechanical aspect to it with nearly as much emphasis on equipment and preparation as there is on out and out fitness. All in all a perfect combination for a geeky teenager. What’s more, it’s appeal hasn’t faded over the years, even if the components have got more expensive! It’s still a great way to spend my time and unwind, whether I’m out riding or fettling in the shed, avoiding the rain in the firm belief that by servicing my bike and replacing worn out components will make the hills easier.

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Turbo Training – A necessary evil, or a great time saver.

OK, so I have a Turbo-Trainer. (A device to attach your bike to holding it up and providing variable resistance, so that you can get on and pedal for a workout if you’ve not come across the term before.) At times I think it’s the most boring way to spend time. Others, I’m quite happy to get […]

Pedal pedal pedal!

New Website under development

Well it’s finally happening. After some years of my personal website reading simply “More to come soon” I’ve decided that I really ought to put a bit more information about myself on the web. I’m hoping that this new website will be useful to those of you who know me personally as it should enable […]